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Vega Conflict Best Universal Auto-Fleet: Vega, Vsec,… Fleet Fitting: (BOX FORMATION) Slot 1: Rancor @ Shock Shield IV, Rear Thrusters II, Trit Armor Vx2, Pulse Ray Vx4 Slot 2: same as slot 1 Slot-Ship Factory, Ship Lab, Tech Lab and Arms Lab ALL on level VIII -Fleet Bay level IX (or 20,000 tons Mass).Vega Conflict NEW Auto-Fleet Tutorial: Tier 1... vega conflict fleet bay vega conflict fleet bay - vega conflict reddit, vega conflict carrier, vega conflict sign in, vega conflict mod apk, vega conflict news, vegaStake your claim, command your fleets, and conquer the void in this deep, real-time strategy game. Band together with other players in a bloody rebellion to... VEGA Conflict - Авто-фарм флот веги 27 уровня…

The Ship Factory is a crucial module within a player's outpost. It allows the player to access a number of features: Construct Ship - This allows the player to create a new ship. As the player researches additional ship hulls and components, they will be able to apply them to their...

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(Past two days have been great scooping up cargo while VSEC is active and bigger players are only looking for bp.) My strategy is to build up and level up. I only have three fleets for fighting and one for cargo. I don't want to put resources into building fleets when I think they are better spent building a bigger ship factory, fleet bay, etc.

in the first video Manni losing a rancor so its not instant repair , also my build is for the people like to do manual without getting damage and my fleet setup can open up to 50 vega u just have to put gladius driver 2 instead of 1 u still getting low damage but u need a better decay ship with a better shield . This fleet setup was a derivative from a setup i found when was just starting and i improved it a little bit by rearranging the ships to minimize damage on the rancors, credits for CrashTD for the idea. anyways in order to make this setup you must have at least all of your Labs, Fleet bay and Factory to VI with the exception of Tech Lab VII Tier 5 ISC FvF - Arcadia Federation - Information on the Build: For shields we recommend doing a Level 5 as there's no reason to go any lower when you only have one slot.Armor can be zynthium or Skirmish Armor if you have it, it has built-in resistance. For a special we recommend Unstable Reactor 3 as your ship will explode upon death and it is the ISC Special thruster. Tier 5 DC FvF - Arcadia Federation - Information on the Build: For shields we recommend Metaphase 3 & 2, you can still do normal shields at Lv5/4 but at this stage you should have Metaphase shielding.For specials you can use Fusion Thrusters or the DC Exclusive Armored Thrusters (Recommended). There is a mass amount of weapons you can use for every type, each with their Pros and Cons so it is ultimately up to you as a player.

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VEGA Conflict - Offense is the name of the game in VEGA Conflict. Rebels must venture out looking for a fight if they want to progress. Each battle will reward you with Experience towards your Player Level, and with Resources. Early on, it’s recommended that rebels attack the following targets within their Planet: